April is Alcohol Awareness Month
In the ongoing effort to increase mental health and wellness on Camp As Sayliyah, the Troop Medical Center staff, led by clinical psychologist, Nickole Scott Conerly, Ph.D., hosted the fourth annual Alcohol Awareness Week on CAS from April 21 - 27. The theme for this year is, "Think before you drink." The goal is to increase participants' awareness of their drinking behaviors and the consequences of drinking in a fun and casual atmosphere. Activities included completing a brief questionnaire, experiencing what being drunk is like by wearing beer goggles while trying to walk a straight line and picking up information on alcohol and other wellness topics. The event was open to the military and civilians and each participant also received a token of appreciation. At the end of the first three days, more than 150 people completed the questionnaires. This achievement would not have been possible without the assistance of volunteers, Sharyn Adams, civilian contractor and soldiers, Sgt. Jimmy Letzkus and Pfc. Ryan Avera.

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