FORT STEWART, GA - Lina Satele Public Affairs Specialist Red, white and blue was seen inside and out of the Bryan Village Youth Center, June 12 as it was the setting for this year's Army birthday celebration. "Let's hear it for the Army," Linda Heifferon, Morale, Welfare and Recreation director shouted to the crowd as the festivities began. Heifferon welcomed everyone to the party. "I feel so very proud that I get to serve the Soldiers and Families of the United States Army, and there is no better time to celebrate that then on the Army's 233rd Birthday. The Army's leadership has been very concerned about their Soldiers and Families particularly in this era of deployment and one of the things they wanted to do is show their appreciation to the Soldiers and Families. And what's a better way to do it then while celebrating the Army's birthday. Part of that celebration is to recognize the youth of our Army because they are our future." There were 233 red, white and blue balloons released in the air and each one holding a prize inside for the recipient; that is if it was caught and brought into the youth center. Anyone bringing in a balloon will be able to receive a book of the Army's 233rd birthday, which among other things outlined the Army's history. The celebration began earlier in the week and concluded with Thursday's birthday bash. There were many activities for children of all ages to enjoy. "We live in Liberty Woods and it's great to be able to have events available to us so close to home," said Bobbie Brown, Family member. "My birthday wish to the Army is to keep going and to live long." Activities included a cook-out, ring toss, face painting, sack race and an Army trivia with prizes. Additionally, there were four cakes ready for everyone to enjoy, not-to-mention burgers and hotdogs for the grabbing. "Today is the culmination of the celebration for the Army's 233rd birthday," said Maria Boiza, Child and Youth Services program operations specialist. "My birthday wish to Army is to have many more." Hunter Army Airfield held it's Army birthday bash, June 13. -30-

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