FORT SAM HOUSTON- Texas --- Security forces from 17 countries are participating in a Special Operations Forces team skill competition called Fuerzas Comando, hosted by U.S. Southern Command, June 19 to 26 at Camp Bullis.

Special operations military and police forces from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, United States and Uruguay are competing for the best special forces team in the Western Hemisphere.

About 150 personnel from the U.S. Southern Command, Special Operations Command South, U.S. Army Reserve, Texas and Puerto Rico Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy are helping with the eight-day extensive exercise.

The Fuerzas Comando is a program conducted annually in Central and South America and the Caribbean since 2004. The exercise brings all nations to a friendly competition, promotes military to military friendship, increases training knowledge and improves regional security.

"This is the fifth consecutive year that this competition has happen in the Western Hemisphere," said Maj. Armando Hernandez, Special Operations Command South public affairs.

The eight-day event will demonstrate and test their skills in tactics, techniques and procedures through assault team and sniper competitions, and will include an executive leadership seminar focused on terrorism and fighting transnational threats.

The assault team exercise will consist of a series of events to include physical fitness tests, confidence course, close quarters combat, rucksack march, aquatic event and obstacle course.

The sniper team exercise will consist of five events to include physical fitness tests, marksmanship, shoot and move, range estimation, and stalk and shoot.

The competitors have mentally and physically prepared themselves for this competition and are ready to be tested through the grueling and challenging exercises.

"Some countries last year were not quite as prepared for the intensity of Fuerzas Comando because it was their first time competing," said Hernandez. "This year they have returned and learned from their experience and are ready to be put to the test."
In closing, Hernandez said "These Soldiers have a lot of pride and are motivated for this chance to represent their country. It's great to see them all build camaraderie and be excited to win."

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