Army Sustainment May-June 2013

The Army Logistics University (ALU) invites you to read and discuss "Logistics Professional Education: A Reflective Practitioner Approach," available at I hope this draft white paper will provoke professional debate about logistics education both inside and outside our community.

In the tradition of past military-oriented white papers, the idea behind this document is to critically and creatively offer some ideas to the institution that may eventually lead to a significant change in philosophy or culture and even drive substantive changes with the future in mind.

With a similar intent, the Army recently formed the Logistics Professional Education Board (LPEB). The board's voting members include the Army G-4, the Army Materiel Command deputy commanding general, and the Combined Arms Support Command commanding general.

The LPEB was designed to form a guiding strategic body to shape the future of Army logistics education. The board will give the Army logistics community the opportunity to synchronize its many learning initiatives. It will also facilitate the development of an integrated logistics education process that is tied to the Army's overarching strategies and priorities. However, as noted in the white paper, it is vital for the LPEB, its council of colonels, and its various working groups to seek the continuing advice of logistics professionals as well as professional educators.

Both the white paper and the LPEB will help us to educate and develop adaptive sustainers to have the skills and knowledge to excel in the future environment. I invite any and all professionals to join this interesting and necessary debate.


This article was published in the May-June 2013 issue of Army Sustainment magazine.

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