2013 Overseas Housing Allowance
The Overseas Housing Allowance survey is available now through April 15 to everyone living off-post and drawing OHA. Spouses may take the survey in the Soldier's absence.

SCHWEINFURT, Germany (April 15, 2013) -- The Defense Travel Management Office has extended the deadline to complete an Overseas Housing Allowance Utility and Move-in expense survey because of a lack of participation.

All service members, regardless of service affiliation, who reside in off-post housing should complete the survey in order to accurately gauge the amount of OHA service members are receiving.

The deadline was originally set for March 31, but low participation pushed the deadline back to April 15.

This survey is critical for ensuring OHA rates are properly set at overseas locations and directly effects the amount of housing allowance each service member is paid.

Every year the Defense Travel Management Office conducts these types of surveys to identify how much service members have spent in the previous year for utilities and move-in expenses.
Spouses are encouraged to take the survey along with their service member. Additionally, if the service member is not available, spouses are authorized to take the survey.

To take the survey, visit DTMO's site at www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/marutilmiha.cfm and click on the "Take the Survey" button.

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