REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Appointed by the deputy assistant secretary of the Army (Procurement) as the lead agent for the Army Contract Writing System, the Army Contracting Command has opened a capabilities management office to develop capabilities, elicit, curate, and refine a set of unified functional requirements.

According to Lt. Col. Michelle Sanner, ACC Capabilities Management Office lead, the office's bottom line is to act as the end-user's advocate.

"There are two primary tasks the CMO is working," Sanner said of the office that stood up in September. "The first primary task is completing the requirements baseline, which is needed to issue a solicitation for the new ACWS. The second is to conduct business process reengineering to define and assess process weaknesses."

In doing so, Sanner said the CMO staff is looking to identify gaps and implement opportunities they discover that can streamline and improve the processes while creating a solid foundation for success in changes to the full spectrum of contracting operations.

The staff consists of personnel from ACC-Redstone Arsenal, ACC-Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and ACC headquarters.

"The intent is to use developmental assignments from the stakeholder community to support the office until the funding is approved to officially grow the office. Although the team consists of only three people, a lot of progress has been made since September 12," Sanner said. "We began a deliberate process to identify the right set of functional contracting capabilities (requirements) for the new ACWS."

Sanner said one of the smaller tasks is to keep the field updated on the CMO's progress. The CMO briefs at different forums regularly and will soon provide quarterly updates to the field, she said.

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