Ceremony, etiquette: making good first impressions on the world from Iraq
Sgt. Daniel B. McMichen, Multi- National Corps - Iraq, cleans off a conference room table prior to setting in for a working lunch at Al Faw Palace. Protocol is responsible for the lasting image of the professionalism of the Multi- National Corp - Iraq.

A small group of Soldiers is responsible for presenting the Multi-National Corps - Iraq traditions and standards to the world.

Protocol's job is to ensure that every general officer and distinguished visitor is shown proper customs and courtesies in the Victory Base Complex area of operations.
"Protocol provides the first impression of our command's professionalism," Sgt. Kenneth E. Gosnell, MNC-I, said.

"The protocol section is responsible for protecting and preserving the image of the Corps," Maj. Theodore O. White, officer in charge of protocol, said. "We are responsible for the first and last impression made upon the DV. Our mission is to ensure that both are lasting and positive impressions."

In social and formal events, they are responsible for flag set up, place cards, meal planning and preparation and dining room set up. When distinguished visitors are coming to Victory Base, protocol creates their itineraries, coordinates their transportation and billeting and escorts them throughout country. Protocol personnel are also on hand to advise units on how to properly conduct ceremonies according to Army regulation and doctrine, McMichen said.

"Protocol is the combination of good manners and common sense, which allows effective communications between the MNC-I senior leaders and visiting representatives," White said. "Everything we do is a reflection upon general Austin and we must get it right," White said.

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