FORT BELVOIR, Va., (April 1, 2013) -- Northern Regional Medical Command Team Wolf, a diverse team of military, government civilian employees and contract supporters, was recently awarded the Army Medical Command Wolf Pack Award for the second quarter of fiscal year 2013. The Wolf Pack Award recognizes exceptional work by military and civilian teams in support of Army Medicine.
Team Wolf was rewarded for successfully instituting a program that improved medical record coding and data quality across the region.

"I couldn't be more proud of this outstanding team of professionals to receive the Wolf Pack Award," Col. Donald R. West, Commander, Northern Regional Medical Command, said. "This group came together from multiple departments to develop an initiative to improve medical record coding and workload recording. Their efforts and this award solidify why Northern Regional Medical Command is the best region in Army Medicine."

Medical coders transform narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries and healthcare procedures into alphanumeric code numbers, thus making the data more easily accessible to health care professionals. Schultz said her winning team was a result of having quality members. "Everything just lined up," she said. "We had the right people, in the right place at the right time."

Denise Schultz, NRMC Coding Expert Consultant, put together a vision to improve workload reporting, while simultaneously generating or recovering millions in reimbursable funds. Schultz built a dedicated team that included expert civilian staff members, supportive military leadership and experience contract support staff, who captured $37.6 million potentially lost or misplaced funds.
Schultz said she was pleased that the award is team oriented.

"The contributions of everyone on the team made this possible," she said. "For every one of us [at NRMC headquarters] there is someone facilitating the hard work at the MTFs. Winning as a team represents what we do on a daily basis."

The contract procurement was executed in only three weeks, which brought contracting personnel onto the team. "We had the command support, without it we could not have made the plan functional," Schultz said.

"To see a contract written in three weeks and bring back $37 million -- everything just worked. For me, it's amazing," added Connie Albright, Contracting Officer Representative.
Daisy Webster, NRMC Website Developer, praised the diversity of the team built by Schultz. "I think the award let government employees, contractors and the military share the credit, encompassing the Total Army."

Schultz said winning the award represents all the administrative support personnel working in the background across the region.

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