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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

Acquisition Transformation

The Army is leading the way in acquisition reform within DoD’s broad transformation of defense acquisition policies and procedures. The Army’s FCS program may prove to be the largest DoD acquisition effort that fully embraces the concepts of evolutionary acquisition and spiral development – leveraging the potential of rapid advancement within individual technologies by allowing for changes within programs as technologies mature.

The FCS program is evolutionary in its design and incorporates periodic blocked improvements within its 19 systems – the Objective Force Soldier and 18 manned and unmanned systems. Within these 19 systems are 540 spirally developing technologies. The Army’s use of a Lead System Integrator (LSI) enables a “best of the best” approach to selection from competing industry efforts. Our unprecedented partnership with DARPA ensures the FCS effort leverages that agency’s DoD-wide perspective and resources to produce the best capability and value for the Joint Force.

The Army continues to revise its acquisition policies and applicable regulatory guidance. On October 3, 2001, The Army approved an acquisition reorganization that transferred control of all acquisition program management to the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) and eliminated duplication of effort in two major Army commands. Effective October 2002, twelve Program Executive Officers (PEO) report to the Army Acquisition Executive, and their subordinate PEOs assumed management of all Army acquisition programs, regardless of Acquisition Category. The plan ensures that there is only one chain of authority for acquisition programs within The Army. In addition, the plan clearly holds Program Managers responsible and accountable for the life cycle management of their assigned programs.

We have also transformed the way we conduct business through the organization of the Army Contracting Agency (ACA) that realigns our previously decentralized installation and information technology contracting processes into one organization. Responsible for all contracts over $500K and tasked to eliminate redundant contracts, ACA leverages Army-wide requirements to achieve economies of scale. ACA supports Army Transformation efforts by aligning all base support contracting into a single organization that best supports installation management transformation. All of these initiatives use information technology to leverage enterprise-wide buying capabilities. Additionally, ACA will act as the single coordinating element and form the base from which to deploy contingency-contracting, operational support to the warfighting commands. The Army Contracting Agency and other contracting activities will continue to support small business awards in the outstanding manner it did in FY02.


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