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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

Realizing the Army Vision - People, Readiness, and Transformation

In 1999, The Army announced its vision to transform into a more strategically responsive force, dominant across the full spectrum of military operations. The Army Vision addresses three essential components: People, Readiness, and Transformation. Soldiers are the heart of The Army, the centerpiece of our formations, and the foundation of our combat power. Readiness remains our overarching imperative; it is the means by which we execute our nonnegotiable contract with the American people – to fight and win our Nation’s wars, decisively. To preserve readiness while rapidly changing, Transformation advances on three major axes: preserving our Army legacy by maintaining readiness and dominance today; bridging the operational gap with Stryker Brigades – the Interim Force; and fielding the Objective Force this decade to keep The Army dominant in the years beyond this decade.

Operation Mountain Sweep, Afghanistan
Operation Mountain Sweep, Afghanistan
Realizing The Army Vision requires the concerted effort of the entire Army, across all components – from warfighting to institutional support organizations. The Army published its Transformation Campaign Plan in April 2001 to synchronize and guide this complex undertaking. The November 2001 Objective Force White Paper describes the advanced capabilities and core technologies needed to build the Objective Force. The Army’s June 2002 Army Transformation Roadmap defines Transformation as a continuous process – with specific waypoints – that increases our contributions to the Joint Force while achieving the six Department of Defense (DoD) critical operational goals. The result will be a more strategically responsive and full spectrum dominant force capable of prompt and sustained land combat operations as a member of the joint force.

In support of the emerging joint operational concepts and architectures, The Army – as the major landpower component – continues to develop ground concepts for a full spectrum, and multidimensional force. These concepts are producing a Joint Force that presents potential enemies with multiple dilemmas across the operational dimensions – complicating their plans, dividing their focus, and increasing their chances of miscalculation.

In future joint operations, Objective Force units will be capable of directing major operations and decisive land campaigns with Army headquarters. Objective Force headquarters at all levels will provide the Joint Force Commander (JFC) with seamless, joint battle command and decision superiority. The modularity and scalability of our Objective Force formations will provide an unprecedented degree of flexibility and adaptability to the Combatant Commander – providing the right force at the right time for decisive outcomes.

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