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The 2003 United States Army Posture Statement

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February 11, 2003

     America’s armed forces are the most powerful in the world. And America’s Army remains the most respected landpower to our friends and allies and the most feared ground force to those who would threaten the interests of the United States.

     Since before the birth of the Nation, American Soldiers have instilled hope in a noble dream of liberty. They have remained on point for the Nation through nine wars, and the intervals of peace in the years between – defending the Constitution and preserving freedom. Magnificent in their selfless service, long in their sense of duty, and deep in their commitment to honor, Soldiers have kept the United States the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is our legacy. Our Soldiers who serve today preserve it.

     In October 1999, we unveiled our vision for the future – “Soldiers, on point for the Nation, transforming this, the most respected army in the world, into a strategically responsive force that is dominant across the full spectrum of operations.” The attacks against our Nation on 11 September 2001 and the ensuing war on terrorism validate The Army’s Vision – People, Readiness, Transformation – and our efforts to change quickly into a more responsive, deployable, agile, versatile, lethal, survivable, and sustainable force.

     While helping to fight the Global War on Terrorism, The Army is in the midst of a profound transformation. Readiness remains our constant imperative – today, tomorrow, and the day after. Transformation, therefore, advances on three broad axes: perpetuating The Army’s legacy by maintaining today’s readiness and dominance; bridging the operational gap with an Interim Force of Stryker Brigade Combat Teams; and fielding the Objective Force to fight and win conflicts in the years beyond this decade.

     As they have throughout The Army’s 227-year history, Soldiers remain the centerpiece of our formations. Versatile and decisive across the full spectrum of joint missions, land forces have demonstrated time and again the quality of their precision in joint operations. Our responsibility is to provide Soldiers with the critical capabilities needed for the tough missions we send them on.

     After three and a half years of undiminished support from the Administration and the Congress, and the incredible dedication of Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, we have begun to deliver The Army Vision. With continued strong support, we will win the war against global terrorism, meet our obligations to our friends and allies, remain ready to prevail over the unpredictable, and transform ourselves for decisive victories on future battlefields.

     We have achieved sustainable momentum in Army Transformation; the framework is in place to see the Objective Force fielded, this decade.

Eric K. Shinseki signature

     General, U.S. Army
     Chief of Staff
Thomas E. White signature

             THOMAS E. WHITE
             Secretary of the Army

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