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Soldier and Family Action Plan (SFAP)

What is it?
The SFAP operationalizes and integrates the Army's commitments expressed in the Army Family Covenant to support Soldiers and their Families. The proponent lead for the SFAP is the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

What has the Army done?
The SFAP is the roadmap for executing the purposes and intent of the Army Family Covenant and has accomplished the following:

  • Established Army OneSource to support geographically dispersed Soldiers and Families.
  • Established Soldier and Family Assistance Centers for wounded Soldiers and their Families.
  • Expanded continuing support for Families of the fallen through Survivor Outreach Services.
  • Improved on-post housing through the Residential Communities Initiative.
  • Improved barracks Army-wide.
  • Funded 72 child development center construction projects and 11 new youth centers.
  • Expanded community-based outreach services in 42 states to children and youth through "Operation Military Kids."
  • Supported the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children which was passed in 11 states.
  • Increased the number of states providing in-state tuition rates to military Families to 35, with this benefit continuing after the military sponsor leaves the state.
  • Enhanced the military spouse job search portalenabling military spouses to post their resumes. (

What continued efforts does Army have planned for the future?

The SFAP will continue to drive, and provide the momentum, for actions and initiatives to deliver the Army Family Covenant. Sustainment of the Army Family is paramount, and focus will continue to address shortfalls in existing programs and services. The Army will concentrate efforts on:

  • Increasing the quality and access to Army health care.
  • Standardizing and fully funding existing Family programs and services.
  • Expanding education and employment opportunities for Family members.
  • Improving Soldier and Family housing.
  • Ensuring excellence in schools, youth services, and child care.

Why is this important to the Army?
The SFAP is the cornerstone enhancing the quality of support to Soldiers and Families to preserve the strength of the All-Volunteer Force. The SFAP encompasses the overall lifecycle support of all Soldiers and Families and contributes immeasurably to the Army's ability to preserve an All-Volunteer expeditionary force to meet the security requirements of the Nation now and in the future.

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