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Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR)

What is it?
The Army's MWR programs are designed to improve Soldier readiness by promoting mental and physical fitness, improving morale, increasing Family self-reliance, and enhancing Soldier, Family, and Army Civilian well-being. Army MWR supports the military community at home stations and during deployments by providing sports, fitness and aquatics training programs, library services, high adventure outdoor recreation activities, recreation centers, arts and automotive skill facilities, entertainment programs, and leisure travel services.

What has the Army done?
Army MWR provides community support for Soldiers and Families to mitigate the accumulated effects of operational stress. Army MWR seeks to re-establish the work/life balance by assisting Soldiers as they reintegrate into a new team and return to their 'new normal' lives.

In support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom deployments, MWR has established facilities at all main camps and forward operating bases. Civilian MWR specialists are deployed to a theater to develop and deliver programs and activities for Soldiers. Strength and cardiovascular equipment packages and internet cafes provide Soldiers access to fitness equipment and their friends and Family. These battalion and brigade-sized elements serve as the focal points for establishing base camp MWR facilities.

Partnerships with non-profits, business, and local communities allow for increased access to services for Soldiers and their Families, specifically those who are geographically dispersed.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
A variety of sports, fitness and recreation kits meet the basic MWR needs of deploying units. Kits include: small unit recreation kits (sports equipment and recreational games), theater-in-a-box" (large screen, DVD/video player, projection unit, speakers and movies), and electronic game kits (TV, Play Station II, DVD/VCR, and games). They are positioned at the power projection platforms and forward deployed equipment distribution sites and are issued to deploying units and provide basic MWR supplies and equipment for company-sized elements.

Why is this important to the Army?
The MWR programs contribute to in-theater readiness by providing necessary stress relief for Soldiers in a combat environment. The MWR also supports the Army's commitment to restoring balance within the Army through a range of programs and services that touch the lives of Soldiers, Family members, and Civilians.

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