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Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capstone Program (JKDDC)

What is it?
The JKDDC is the individual Joint training component of the Department of Defense Training Transformation (T2) initiative. It complements the T2 collective training initiative known as the Joint national training capability by providing relevant, timely, and global access to Joint knowledge across the Joint learning continuum. The JKDDC leverages existing service training programs and adds Joint, inter-governmental, inter-agency, multi-national (JIIM) context to individual training.

What has the Army done?
Past accomplishments include a "Warrior digital dashboard" that includes a "coach" who guides an individual Soldier in developing a Joint knowledge base, a Joint fires knowledge network, enhancements to user interfaces on Army Knowledge Online (AKO) and production of courseware to meet validated Army JIIM training requirements. The Army continues to lead other Services in requesting Joint courseware development from Joint Forces Command and the JKDDC.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
Army JKDDC continues to support the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Campaign Plan by leveraging Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) capabilities. The JKDDC will build on existing training and education programs and initiatives to deliver Joint knowledge and JIIM context to Soldiers throughout their careers. This effort provides Soldiers with an effective and convenient online training resource to develop professionally and prepare in advance for collective training exercises and integrated operations.

Why is this important to the Army?
Army operations increasingly occur in JIIM environments. Thus, Army individual training should include access to Joint knowledge and JIIM context whenever and where ever appropriate and possible. The JKDDC makes Joint knowledge available to Soldiers through access to courseware via distributed learning technologies and access to Joint context through participation in communities of interest sponsored by JKDDC stakeholders. The Army benefits from participation in the JKDDC program by leveraging other Services' Joint knowledge content; thus avoiding redundant spending on Joint training requirements. Access to all JKDDC resources is available to Soldiers through JKO which is hosted by AKO/ Defense Knowledge Online.

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