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Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program

What is it?
The Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program was established to increase the resilience of Soldiers and Families by developing their strengths in all important domains: emotional, social, an spiritual, and Family, in addition to physical. The CSF will ensure that all Soldiers undergo an assessment of their total fitness. The results of the assessment will direct individualized training, intervention, or treatment programs, as needed. This program will begin at accession, and, like physical fitness, will include reassessment at appropriate intervals. The CSF office applies accepted methodology and scientific rigor to ensure that all training, interventions, and treatments have demonstrated effectiveness.

What has the Army done?
The Army established CSF on October 1, 2008, as a directorate within the Army's G-3/5/7. The office is reviewing existing capabilities and needs and is conducting program assessments that are focused on measures of effectiveness, standardization, enhancement, and enforcement. The CSF is actively working with experts in the civilian academic community to create a global assessment tool that will reliably measure status in all comprehensive fitness domains. Training modules and programs have been, or are being, developed to assist Soldiers to improve knowledge and skill in each area.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
With execution of the CSF plan, all Soldiers will undergo an assessment as they begin their military service, and periodically throughout their careers. The results of their assessment will be linked to a customized menu of training modules and services for areas that need strengthening. Additionally, CSF will evaluate the impacts of a resiliency training program in Basic Combat Training and build CSF instruction into all leadership curricula. Once a program's success is validated, it will be distributed to the entire training base. With recognition that strong, resilient families are essential to the Army, a parallel tool is being developed for spouses, who will be encouraged to undergo assessment and strengthening as well.

Why is this important to the Army?
Enhanced resilience, achieved by a combination of specific training and improved fitness in the five domains of health, can decrease post-traumatic stress, decrease the incidence of undesirable and destructive behaviors, and lead to a greater likelihood for post-adversity growth and success. It ensures continuity of effort among the disparate organizations which currently provide education and training, intervention, or treatment programs to Soldiers and their Families.

The CSF will ensure Soldiers and Family members have the opportunity to enhance their resilience throughout their careers. The CSF program will maximize available training time, by equipping Soldiers with the skills to become more self-aware, fit, balanced, confident, and competent. Soldiers with these attributes will be better prepared to meet ambiguous and unpredictable challenges and help restore balance to the Army.

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