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Army Civilian Corps Creed

What is it?
Army Civilians have a record of more than 230 years of service and are a critical component of the Total Army. The Army Civilian Corps Creed embodies the commitment of these dedicated individuals who serve as an integral part of the Army team.

What has the Army Done?
The Army has combined the Civilian Corps Creed with the Warrior Ethos and established a set of principles by which every Department of the Army Civilian works to support our Soldiers in the field.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned?
The Army established the U.S. Army Civilian Corps to recognize the people who play such a critical role in keeping the U.S. Army ready to execute its mission.

Why is this important to the Army?
The role of our U.S. Army Civilian Corps, and the Army's recognition that they are part of the team, is clearly outlined in the Army Civilian Corps Creed.

Army Civilian Corps Creed can be found at:

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