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Army National Guard (ARNG) Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP)

What is it?
The RSP reduces training pipeline losses by exposing newly enlisted ARNG Soldiers to the military environment and eases their adjustment to basic combat training (BCT) and advanced individual training (AIT).

The ARNG Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) was designed to prepare ARNG enlistees to successfully complete their initial active duty training (IADT). The ARNG Soldiers are enrolled in the RSP at the Military Entrance Processing Station and are on active, paid drilling status while awaiting their IADT ship date. They train with their state’s RSP until they depart for BCT, and then join their unit of assignment when they are military occupational specialty qualified (MOSQ).

The RSP includes academics, physical readiness, and common task training. Each Soldier is screened to identify possible administrative problems as well as height, weight, and physical fitness.

What has the ARNG done?
The ARNG has experienced an almost five year reduction in pipeline losses and has the lowest loss rate of the three Army components. The ARNG training pipeline loss rate has been reduced since the implementation of the RSP and the current BCT graduation rate exceeds 96 percent. The ARNG also experienced a significant increase in the retention rate of non‑prior service accessions measured at the one-year mark of their accession date; currently, the ARNG loses approximately 12 percent of those Soldiers during their first term of service following MOS qualification (MOSQ).

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?
The ARNG will continue to refine its RSP to enhance the training and preparation of its initial entry Soldiers. In the long-term, RSP will reduce training pipeline losses significantly and will result in more qualified and deployable MOSQ Soldiers returning to units. The ARNG recently provided full-time manning and equipping for the RSP and is exploring concepts that would integrate Active Component and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers into the RSP.

Why is this important to the Army?
The ARNG is currently exceeding end-strength objectives and will continue to focus recruiting and retention efforts in support of their transition to an operational force. The RSP, the Guard’s Recruiting Assistance Program, and the Every Soldier is a Recruiter Program have helped the ARNG to exceed end‑strength goals.

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