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Add-on Armor (AoA) for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWVs)

What is it?
The AoA for TWVs protects Soldiers from attack by multiple treats during convoy and patrolling operations. By multiple threats, including improvised explosive devices, mines, and small-arms fire all after attack.

What has the Army done?

  • Outfitting Since 2004. the Army has manufactured, shipped, and installed AoA kits on more than 58,000 TWVs.
  • Forward Support. All vehicles operating outside a forward operating base in Iraq or Afghanistan have either a factory-built AoA or has been upgraded with an approved armoring kit.
  • Ongoing Testing. AoA solutions are being tested continuously under live fire conditions at the Army Test Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
  • Continuous Product Improvements. The Army monitors evolving threats and adapts AoA solutions to protect Soldiers from those threats.
  • Fielding Status. Installation of continuous product improvements on existing TWV AoA enhancements continue in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. The stateside installation efforts are being expedited to continue to meet theater surge needs.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
Recognizing that improvements to AoA on existing TWVs must continue over time, the Army is continuing to develop enhanced armor solutions for currently deployed vehicles as technology and threats evolve. The Army’s current TWV long-term armor strategy breaks the armor into two components: A-Cab and B-Kits. The A-Cab is added to the vehicle during production and involves installing mounting devices, and armor in normally inaccessible locations on vehicles, such as firewalls and the underbody. The B-Kit consists of armor panels that can be installed on vehicles during high-threat missions and then removed. By developing A-Cab vehicles, the Army can adapt B-Kit performance to protect against future threats without the need to replace the vehicle.

Why is this important to the Army?
The AoA represents the Army’s commitment to providing the best force protection available to our Soldiers. The AoA provides the necessary flexibility for both current and future threats.

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