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FORSCOM Mission Support Elements (MSEs)

What is it?
The MSE is a Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA)-nondeployable-organization designed to support Army senior commanders. It enables and executes administrative control (ADCON) and Title X responsibilities for U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) units in a senior commander’s area of responsibility. The MSEs are assigned to FORSCOM and attached to applicable senior commanders. The MSEs are neither subordinate to the corps or division headquarters staff, nor to the garrison command, nor do they augment either.

What has the Army done?
In FY08, the Army approved a standardized MSE TDA structure to facilitate the seamless and continuous execution of ADCON and Title X support to our modular and expeditionary force. To date, FORSCOM has initiated the reorganization and standardization of 11 MSE TDA organizations.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The re-designed MSE was constrained to a “zero sum growth” of existing FORSCOM TDA authorizations and requirements resulting in insufficient authorizations to resource 100 percent of FORSCOM requirements. As the MSEs mature their responsibilities in support of senior commanders, the Army, through FORSCOM, will assess their success in terms of structure, resourcing, and mission accomplishment. Success of the MSEs will be measured by their ability to provide continuous and seamless ADCON and Title X functions to FORSCOM units in accordance with Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process and senior commander requirements—particularly while the senior commander is deployed.

Why is this important to the Army?
The MSEs are essential to a modular and expeditionary Army. In today’s security environment, characterized by persistent conflict and frequent deployments, MSEs assist senior commanders in the synchronization and execution of ARFORGEN requirements as well as ensure the provision of uninterrupted ADCON and Title X support to FORSCOM units particularly during deployments.

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