Preserving the Strength of the Nation

The Army has been at war for over six years. Our Soldiers have demonstrated valor, endured countless hardships, and made great sacrifices. Over 3,000 Soldiers have died and many more have been wounded. The awards our Soldiers have earned reflect their accomplishments and bravery on the battlefield. Our Army Families have stood shoulder to shoulder with their Soldiers throughout these challenging times.

Our examination of the current and future security environments confirms the need to restore balance and build readiness across all components of the Army as quickly as possible. Four imperatives—Sustain, Prepare, Reset, and Transform—frame how the Army will restore balance by 2011 and begin to build readiness for the future. To accomplish our plan, we will continue to require timely and predictable resources and support.

The Army will remain central to successfully achieving U.S. national security objectives, particularly in an era in which operations will be waged increasingly among people in urban environments. As the decisive ground component of the Joint and interagency teams, the Army operates across the full spectrum of conflict to protect our national interests and affirm our Nation’s commitment to friends, allies, and partners worldwide. Our goal is a more agile, responsive, campaign-quality and expeditionary Army with modern networks, surveillance sensors, precision weapons, and platforms that are lighter, less logistics dependent, and less manpower intensive.

As we restore balance and build readiness for the future, we continue to invest in our centerpiece—Soldiers—and the Families that support them. Of the million Soldiers in uniform, over half of them are married, with more than 700,000 children. The Army Family Covenant, the Soldier Family Action Plan, and the Army Medical Action Plan are examples of our commitment to caring for our Soldiers, Families, and Army Civilians in these challenging times. With the continued support from the Secretary of Defense, the President, and Congress for our legislative and financial needs, the Army will restore balance, build the readiness necessary in an era of persistent conflict, and remain The Strength of the Nation.