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Base Realignment and Closure Program

What is it?
Base realignment and closure (BRAC) refers to the process the Department of Defense has used to reorganize its installation infrastructure to more efficiently and effectively provide the Army with the authority to dispose of excess facilities and installations while realigning and reconfiguring the remaining infrastructure to increase operational capacity and war fighting capability, and to take advantage of the efficiencies presented through consolidation and joint activities.  This allows the Army to redistribute resources from surplus installations to other high-priority requirements.  BRAC provides the Army with a comprehensive review of its installation inventory and realigns base facilities with the modular units of the future force.

What has the Army done?
As the Army implements BRAC 2005, it must simultaneously maintain its ability to execute each of its primary missions:

All BRAC activity takes place within the context of supporting these Army missions.  Indeed, BRAC is designed to tailor the Army “physical plant” to facilitate efficient execution of these missions.  The recommendations of BRAC 2005 go further into realigning to support these missions than merely disposing of excess Cold War capacity as was the thrust of BRAC 1988, 1991, 1993, and 1995.  BRAC 2005 is a comprehensive restructuring of the Army infrastructure not only to achieve optimal use of physical resources, but also to accommodate Army Transformation, the support and security demands of the GWOT, the integration of Army infrastructure with that of other services to facilitate joint power projection, and the efficiencies (and savings) of multiservice headquarters and schools.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  
The Army has completed 103 business plans that outline over 1,134 actions the Army must take to ensure total implementation by Sept. 15, 2011.  The Army BRAC execution should satisfy the following Army goals:

Why is this important to the Army?  
With regard to overall Army transformation, it is important to note that Army BRAC recommendations are linked inextricably to the Army future force initiatives.  BRAC realignments will provide the optimum infrastructure to stand up, train, support, and rapidly deploy our brigade combat teams.  BRAC provides the primary mechanism and basis for locating our forces on installations that facilitate rapid deployment in support of global requirements against potential adversaries who threaten our security.