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The Army Modernization Plan

What is it?
The Army Modernization Plan (AMP) for 2007 is used in concert with other key Army documents such as The Army Plan and Army Posture Statement to educate and inform senior leaders and the U.S. Congress on modernization initiatives, programs, and issues during the annual Presidential budget process. The AMP currently provides an illustrative overview that serves as a reference guide on near-tern and future initiatives, programs, and issues across the doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) domains relating to the ongoing Transformation and supporting modernization efforts, as well as specific initiatives involved in rebuilding, equipping, and supporting the force.  The AMP describes the Army’s modernization strategy and enabling means that support Transformation efforts, enhance the modular force, equip and reset the current rotational force, and sustain required readiness levels.  The AMP is released in early spring, following release of the Army Posture Statement and the Army budget.

What has the Army done?
Every year the Army publishes the AMP to reflect how modernization supports the Army Transformation strategy, including the effects of additional missions, initiatives, and programs funded in the supplemental budget; congressional actions contained in the defense authorization and appropriation bills; and other emerging issues that affect provisioning of the Army. The AMP’s main body has traditionally served as a snapshot of the Army’s strategic framework on Transformation and modernization, while its separate, supporting annexes update key programs and efforts within the DOTMLPF domains.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
In development is a comprehensive Army Modernization Strategy (formerly known as the Army Modernization Plan) that educates and informs the Department of Defense, the international media, and the Congress on Army modernization initiatives and associated transformation concepts that are fully integrated in a strategy across the DOTMLPF domains.

Why is this important to the Army? 
Our Soldiers’ effectiveness depends upon a stable yet flexible national commitment to sustain, prepare, reset, and transform them properly.  The costs of war and our current operations must not be borne at the expense of future readiness; timely, adequate funding must be ensured to provide and sustain Army capabilities to win across full-spectrum conflict worldwide. The AMP rationalizes and justifies the Army’s program of research, development, and acquisition in the President’s budget by addressing issues that ensure our Soldiers have the best equipment available now and in the future, so they can continue to support ongoing and future requirements in an era of persistent conflict.