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Military to Civilian Conversions

What is it?  Military to civilian conversions are a way to improve the utilization of manpower by moving military personnel out of positions that can be prudently performed by civilian personnel.  Military-to civilian conversions increase capacity, and relieve stress.
What has the Army done?  The Army has programmed 11,399 active component conversions from military to civilian performance for the FY’s 2004 - 2013.  Through the end of FY 2007, the Army has completed 10,197 conversions.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  The Army is planning an additional 2,994 military to civilian conversions by FY 2013.  If additional funding of about $1.3 Billion were provided from FY10-13, the Army can convert 4,748 more positions. 

Why is this important to the Army?  Conversion of Institutional Army military billets to Civilian positions provides critical manpower and frees up existing military personnel for manning the Army’s modular forces.  This also helps reduce stress on the operating forces by improving the utilization of military manpower and the Army’s overall manpower mix.