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What is it? 
Reset is a process that systematically restores deployed units to a level of personnel and equipment readiness that permits resumption of training for future missions.  After completing those tasks required to reintegrate Soldiers and Families, the Reset process then organizes, staffs, equips, and trains a unit.  Reset is predicated on the concept of allowing Soldiers and Families the opportunity to recover in order to reverse the cumulative effects of sustained operational tempo.  The initial months after return—referred to as “reconstitution”—maximizes Soldier and Family reintegration.

What is the Army doing? 
The Army acts quickly to restore necessary depth and breadth to the force, and to build essential capacity for the future.  We are implementing a Reset model Army-wide that provides an initial reconstitution period (6 months for the active component and 12 months for the reserve component) to allow for Soldier and Family reintegration.  At the end of this reconstitution period, units will be manned, equipped, and rested; soldiers will be mentally prepared to begin focused training.  The headquarters of the Department of the Army conducted a Reset drill in October 2007 to assess the ability of the Army to execute the Reset pilot test and to prepare to implement the Reset model to meet the Chief of Staff of the Army’s intent.    

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? 
The headquarters of the Department of the Army will conduct a Reset pilot test in early FY08.  The test will involve active component units, Army National Guard and Army Reserve units and will apply the lessons learned from the earlier drill to identify institutional adjustments required to the generating force to reset units based on a 15-month dwell time back at their home stations.   

Why is this important to the Army?   
The Army must restore its strategic depth while preserving the All-Volunteer Force.  Because of shortages in people, equipment, and time to train, the non-deployable force does not meet readiness goals.  We must institutionalize the Reset process to ensure readiness of the future force, our Soldiers, and their Families.