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Warrant Officer Education System Transformation

What is it?
The overall goals of warrant officer education system (WOES) transformation are to enhance the current professional military education structure for warrant officers through the redesign of present WOES courses; the integration of WOES into the officer education system (OES) in order to develop and implement shared leadership education and training opportunities between the officer and warrant officer cohorts; and the expansion of additional technical specific training at the senior levels. This transformation will provide an enhanced framework of progressive education opportunities which are scheduled at the right time and place throughout a warrant officer’s career. In an era of persistent conflict, the Army’s reliance on warrant officers as leaders and technical experts who are critical to fighting and winning our nation’s wars has vastly increased. The current WOES was long ago identified as inadequate and must undergo this transformation in order to meet the Army’s expectations of our future warrant officers as leaders and technical experts within their respective fields.

What has the Army done?
Army policy and regulations now reflect the WOES as an integrated component of the OES. This integrated system enables the development and implementation of shared leadership education and training opportunities among officer and warrant officer cohorts. The Army has begun a warrant officer technical/functional training and education needs analysis for CW3-CW5 to determine what technical training is required for senior warrant officers to maintain their technical expertise while performing in many diverse assignments due to the merging of many warrant officer military occupational specialties at the senior warrant officer levels, and serving in non-traditional leadership/staff positions.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
The Army plans to complete the transformation/redesign of WOES and the implementation of approved technical training and education needs analysis recommendations no later than 2009. The Army depends on the technical expertise of warrant officers at all grades. Providing mid-grade and senior warrant officers the training needed to maintain technical expertise will ensure commanders have more than just well-seasoned generalist action officers; they will have relevant, up-to-date senior warrant officers who are knowledgeable in the latest equipment, activities, system technologies and capabilities.

Why is this important to the Army?
Transforming the WOES to enhance the leadership ability and technical expertise of warrant officers is critical to supporting a campaign-quality, joint and expeditionary Army. As the Army employs the latest and rapidly evolving technologies, it is vital that we provide an education system which ensures that our warrant officers are able to maintain and grow a high level of technical expertise at all ranks. Guaranteeing warrant officers receive progressive, relevant and timely technical/functional and leadership training throughout their careers ensures a corps of warrant officers who are fully competent in technical, tactical, and leadership skills; who possess an increased breadth of knowledge and experience; who are highly specialized experts, trainers, leaders, and creative problem solvers able to function in highly complex and dynamic environments; and who are proficient operators, maintainers, administrators, and managers of Army equipment, support activities, and technical systems. This initiative will provide the basis for developing competency-based, agile, adaptive, multi-skilled leaders and technical experts that will be able to meet the challenges and demands expected of our warrant officers in tomorrow’s force.