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Army Civilian University

What is it?
Army Civilian University (ACU) is a new university structure staffed by 21 educational professionals whose collective mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of foundational, intermediate, advanced and senior level education for Army civilians, officers, NCOs, other service officers, and non-commissioned officers, and interagency leaders. Member schools will consist of the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) and non-TRADOC educational institutions.

What has the Army done?
The ACU Concept Plan has been approved by Headquarters, Department of the Army. The ACU has been formed under direction of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Army and ACU’s senior leaders hired. The ACU Charter is being signed by the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff, Army. When the Charter is signed, the ACU will be officially established.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
On signing of the charter, ACU will be assigned to TRADOC and then immediately to the Combined Arms Center (CAC) at Ft Leavenworth. Although the ACU President will report to the Commanding General of CAC, ACU will be located at Ft Belvoir where many of the non-TRADOC schools and the AMSC are already located. The ACU plans a spiral development process to on-board member schools and will do this in order to complement ongoing civilian development initiatives approved in the Army Leader Development Program. Ultimately, the ACU will synchronize and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of all non-TRADOC educational institutions.

Why is this important to the Army?
Previous Secretaries of the Army became convinced early in their tenures that Army civilians had insufficient educational and training opportunities to meet the increased leadership demands for tomorrow’s strategic environment. Further the ACU is being established to assure the Army is fully engaged in making the President’s Management Agenda and the Department of Defense Civilian Human Capital Strategic Plan (CHCSP) 2006-2010 become a reality. One of the ACU’s major purposes is to provide training oversight to assure all civilian training, not only produces skills for local missions, but includes how those skills are needed to support the Army at all levels. The training that is currently conducted independent of a central Army entity must be recreated to assist employees to also understand leadership principles, that they need to be ready to use those skills anywhere at a moments notice in a results oriented culture across Army and DOD boundaries in keeping with the goals of the CHCSP.