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Army National Guard’s eXportable Combat Training Capability

What is it?
The eXportable combat training capability (XCTC) of the Army National Guard (ARNG) is a fully instrumented group of field training exercises in the contemporary operating environment. The XCTC provides an experience similar to that of a combat training center for ARNG Soldiers at home station or at a regional training center, minimizing cost and time away from home and jobs. The XCTC provides realistic live training for deploying units during the ready phase of the Army Force Generation cycle. This training incorporates the most current tactics, techniques, and procedures used in theater and covers 93 percent of the identified premobilization tasks. These exercises provide tough, realistic training for every participating Soldier and provide the means to achieve the required company level certification and battalion battle staff proficiency that ARNG units need during premobilization training.

What has the Army done?
Recent accomplishments and activities include:

The first rotation involved a battalion/task force that trained at the Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Kentucky.
The second rotation was conducted at Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck Urban Training Area in Indiana for the 76th Infantry brigade combat team (IBCT).

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
In FY08, the ARNG will conduct two XCTC rotations and train a total of six battalions. One rotation will be at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, for the 33rd IBCT, and the second rotation will be at Gowen Field, Utah, for the 41st IBCT. Planning is under way to conduct six XCTC rotations in FY09 that will provide training for 18 battalions. Concurrently, work is under way to improve the visualization capabilities of XCTC to provide not only location, but also body positioning (i.e., prone, standing, and kneeling). The visualization of weapons orientation (i.e., raised, slung, and not present) is already operational.

Why is this important to the Army?
By training and certifying premobilization training tasks, the XCTC reduces postmobilization training time and makes units available sooner for deployment. The XCTC is a proven capability that provides all the means of training ARNG units in a live environment, while instrumenting all players, and providing full battlefield effects to simulate the contemporary operating environment. Because the Army’s combat training centers do not have the capacity to accommodate increased requirements given current resources, the XCTC is the ARNG’s solution for a bridging strategy until other solutions can be found to ensure all units deploying receive a combat training center rotation.