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Army Knowledge Online/Defense Knowledge Online

What is it?
AKO is the largest and most mature of all Department of Defense (DOD) portals; it offers many features and capabilities not available on other portals across DOD and has been identified as the best of breed portal in DOD. Using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with AKO as the base, Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) will be established as the DOD Enterprise portal; the single entry point that empowers knowledge dominance, ensures synchronization of resources, and aggressively enables situational awareness and operational security throughout the DOD community, including critical mission partners. Future DKO will consist of a personalized, user-defined, web-based presentation that allows for secure access to Enterprise services, applications and content. It will provide Warfighters, policy makers and support personnel with portal capabilities as well as a platform to launch the Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) and other Service, Agency and Combatant Command (COCOM) Core Enterprise Services. Once established, DKO will become DOD's catalyst to achieve its goals of net-centricity, adaptability, interoperability, and cross-domain information sharing. Future DKO will support other Federal agencies and Allies as required.

What has the Army done?
The Army has teamed with DISA, Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), and the other DOD Services, Agencies, and Components to implement a four-board governance structure lead by a Joint Chief Information Officer (CIO)-level Board of Directors, which is currently co-chaired by the Army CIO/G-6 and the Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The other subordinate structures include a Governance Board, a Technology Review Board, a Resources & Requirements Board and a Joint Planning Group. In January 2007, joint un-sponsored access (JUA) for 145,000 Joint users was implemented on the AKO portal, which established the DKO initial operating capability. As a result, approved Joint users no longer require Army sponsorship to obtain access to the AKO/DKO portal.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?
AKO/DKO is undergoing several significant upgrades during fiscal year 2008. One major upgrade will transition the current portal to a SOA capable platform. A SOA-compliant AKO/DKO will improve the portal’s ability to interface with, adapt to, and access services and content from a multitude of diverse applications and systems.

AKO/DKO, along with representatives from the other DKO Joint Services and Agencies, is currently defining and developing the “to be” state of DKO and the future portal. Additionally, the DKO Board of Directors has instructed through the DKO Concept of Operations that the DKO of the future will exist in a Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC). These efforts, combined with the release of a new contract for AKO/DKO in 2nd Quarter FY10 will aid to shape the AKO/DKO system of the future.

As the Services and Agencies participating in AKO/DKO re-validate their migration strategies, the Army is evaluating a proposal made by DoD CIO for the Army to become the Executive Agent (EA) for the DKO project. This EA designation will place DKO under a single management structure and allow for a combined funding strategy for AKO/DKO. These efforts, combined with the release of a new contract for AKO/DKO in 2nd Quarter FY10 will aid to shape the AKO/DKO system of the future.

Why is this important to the Army?
For the Army, a SOA-enabled DKO will provide our Warfighters with a Defense Enterprise portal capability that can adapt and change as quickly as the Warfighters are required to adapt and change on the battlefield. The Army user needs to be able to access critical knowledge and information resident in multiple databases, applications across multiple DOD domains. DKO will provide users with the ability to register for, discover, access, and display information and knowledge from multiple data sources.

For the DOD, DKO will reduce the cost of operating DOD Service/Command/Agency (C/S/A)-specific portals, applications and services through economies of scale. DKO will accomplish this by establishing an enterprise portal platform across DOD, integrating proven capabilities and functionality from existing DOD portals and allowing for knowledge sharing and collaboration across the entire DOD Enterprise. To accomplish this goal without driving unnecessary migration costs, DKO will use a service-oriented approach that allows federation to C/S/A data, information and mission area capabilities in-place. This will enable the Army, as well as other C/S/As, the ability to leverage best-of-breed applications and services across DOD that will best serve critical mission needs of the Warfighter.