Freedom Team Salute

What is it?  Freedom Team Salute (FTS) is a strategic outreach program that recognizes and honors those who answered the “Call to Duty.”  This includes all Army veterans and those who support today’s Soldiers: spouses, parents, and the civilian employers of Guard and Reserve Soldiers.
Those nominated for a Freedom Team Salute receive:

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What has the Army done?  The program has provided nomination opportunities to tens of thousands of Americans at public events, veteran service organization events, 30 Army installations, and on the web.    
FTS has recognized approximately 900,000 Army veterans and supporters since the program’s launch in May 2005.  The FTS staff is projected to honor an additional 300,000 recipients by June 2007.
In observance of Veterans Day 2005, the Senate passed Senate Resolution 306 recognizing the contributions of Army veterans and supporting the FTS mission to “recognize the unsung heroes who have served this country.”

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  FTS is continuing its robust yet cost-effective outreach efforts to ensure visibility of this important program within the Army and among Army veterans and the American public.  Efforts to recognize supporters of our Soldiers as well as Army veterans continue.  The program focuses on Army lifecycle integration and strategic partnerships.  Lifecycle integration includes providing Soldiers with opportunities to recognize those who support them at numerous points in their military service, from initial entry training through retirement.  Strategic partnerships help us identify and honor Army veterans through outreach to veteran service organizations, the Veterans Administration, military associations, and many other interested groups.  The FTS Ambassador program encourages FTS recipients and other interested individuals to identify and recognize still more people for recognition.    

Why is this important to the Army?  FTS provides multiple benefits to the Army itself, strengthening the Army community by providing a vehicle to: