Campaign Quality Force

What is it?  In order to meet the complex, full spectrum challenges of the 21st century security environment America’s Army must be both joint and expeditionary, and campaign quality.  A campaign quality Army is an Army capable of sustaining operations for as long as necessary to achieve the required tactical, operational, and strategic outcomes.  A campaign quality force has not only the capabilities required to meet any challenge, but the capacity to sustain those capabilities for as long as the Joint Force Commander requires.     

What has the Army done?  Our Soldiers continue to answer the call to duty while simultaneously transforming the Army into a campaign quality force with joint and expeditionary capabilities.  Much of the comprehensive transformation underway within the Army today is aimed squarely at creating a force with the depth, flexibility and agility to sustain operations in an environment of continuous conflict.  In order to build a campaign quality force, the Army has:

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?  The Army will continue to execute modular conversion and implement ARFORGEN to build a campaign quality force with joint and expeditionary capabilities.  In 2007 the Army will continue modular conversions of four AC and seven RC BCTs, 13 AC and ten RC Support Bdes, headquarters and theater across both the active and reserve components. 

Why is this important to the Army?  Having a campaign quality force is vital to meeting the demands of today’s security environment.  For the foreseeable future, the Army will be required to sustain some level of continuous operations in an environment of persistent conflict.  To do this, and to maintain the capability to win decisively in any future challenge, the Army must have the depth and staying power to conduct sustained operations on land for as long as the Nation requires.