Community Based Health Care Organization (CBHCO) Program

What is it?  In order to provide the best medical care for Soldiers in the Medical Holdover Program and to augment the Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs), the Army has a program called Community Based Health Care Organization (CBHCO). The CBHCO program allows a recuperating Soldier to live at home and to access medical facilities near home while remaining on active duty.

The primary mission of the CBHCO program is to provide high quality health care and administrative processing for Reserve Component Soldiers while allowing them to live and perform duties close to their homes and families (they work at an armory or Reserve Center within the confines of their profiles). The CBHCO program currently manages over 1,000 Soldiers and plans to expand throughout the United States.

CBHCOs are manned primarily by mobilized Army National Guard Soldiers who provide command and control (C2) for the Reserve and National Guard Soldiers undergoing medical treatment in neighborhood healthcare facilities.

At the CBHCO, an experienced professional nurse manages the Soldier’s care. The case manager coordinates healthcare appointments, tracks the Soldier’s progress, and ensures that his or her care meets Army and TRICARE standards. Medical care is focused on returning Soldiers to their pre-mobilization health status. If after medical treatment, a Soldier does not meet retention standards, he or she is referred to a series of boards under the Physical Disability Evaluation System.  The Physical Evaluation Board has responsibility for determining any service-connected disability.

The CBHCOs are commanded by 1st or 5th Army with their intermediate HQs being TF218 or TF Guardian (both manned by ARNG soldiers).  Currently, over 350 ARNG soldiers are assigned as cadre in support of CBHCOs.

What has the ARNG done?  The ARNG has mobilized eleven state medical detachments (FL, MA, WI, CA, AR, UT, AL, VA, AK, PR, and HI) to staff the newly created CBHCOs.

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?  The ARNG plans to open additional state medical detachments as needed.  The ARNG remains committed to support the medical needs of the Soldier and the family of the deployed Soldier throughout the mobilization cycle.

Why is this important to the Army?  Prior to the CBHCO program, injured or ill RC Soldiers who remained on active duty for treatment had to live at an Active Army installation.  Not only did the surge overwhelm the installation housing and medical capacity, it kept Soldiers away from their families, units, and civilian employers.  The CBHCOs have provided command and control, administrative support, medical case management, and medical processing for more than 4,000 Soldiers.

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