Army Reserve: Army Reserve Voluntary Education Services

What is it? Army Reserve Voluntary Education Services is a Department of Defense-Program for which the Human Resources Command – St. Louis, MO serves as the Executive Agent.  The Program is executed through Commanders for Regional Readiness Commands world wide.  The basic tenet of Voluntary Education Services is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for Selected Reserve Soldiers that enhance their personal and professional development.  The overall benefit of Voluntary Education Services to the Army Reserve is that it enhances recruitment, retention and readiness.

What has the Army Reserve done?The Army Reserve Voluntary Education Services program has provided an array of education opportunities since its inception. These programs include:

What efforts does the Army Reserve plan to continue in the future? The Army Reserve Voluntary Education Services was identified by the Chief, Army Reserve, as a Soldier priority for Fiscal Year 2006. The Army Reserve is poised to streamline and enhance the Army Reserve Tuition Assistance program to ensure all eligible Soldiers receive financial assistance. Army Reserve Education Services Specialists will continue to provide guidance and direction to Soldiers needed to enhance their military careers through voluntary education, and assist in charting their education career path so that they can compete with their counterparts in civilian life upon completion of military service. In addition, the Army Reserve Voluntary Education Services will continue to partner with DANTES to provide professional certification and licensure examinations to military personnel, spouses and civilians.

Why is this important to the Army Reserve? The Army Reserve understands that a well-educated and trained Soldier is better prepared to defend our country whether from a tactical or technical stance.  Therefore, the Army Reserve views education as one of the best enhancements to defense.   The Army Reserve also recognizes that education services are a method of recruiting and retaining the best Soldiers as well as preparing them to defend this country in the 21st Century and beyond.   

NOTE:  Montgomery G I Bill (Chapter 1606) and Chapter 1607 for OIF/OEF veterans are indeed Soldier benefits; however, they are managed separately from Tuition Assistance benefits.