National Security Personnel System

What is it? The National Defense Authorization Act for 2004 gave the Department of Defense (DoD) the authority to establish a new civilian human resources management system to support our critical national security mission. The new system - called the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) will establish rules for how civilians are hired, assigned, compensated, promoted, and disciplined and will also have elements that address the Department's labor relations and appeals process. The Army has adopted a spiral strategy, consisting of three multi-phased parts, which allows DoD to manage initial implementation, then assesses and evaluate the NSPS rules and supporting systems so that refinements can be made prior to further implementation. DoD finalized the regulations for NSPS in early November 2005. The unions filed a lawsuit in November 2005, challenging portions of NSPS, and as a result of an agreement with the unions and ultimately a stipulation and order from the Court, DoD agreed to not implement NSPS before February 1, 2006. However, DoD was allowed to proceed with continuing collaboration with the unions on the implementing issuances and to continue with its training schedule. Collaboration with the unions began in December 2005. Since that time, DoD has considered input received during preliminary training as well as from the unions and has conducted internal reviews of the proposed issuances. As a result, senior DoD leadership has concluded additional time is needed to focus on simplifying the performance management design, getting performance objectives right, and ensuring the system is simple, clear and understandable. NSPS content training will be delayed for most of the DoD workforce until the design changes have been finalized. Changes in the initial NSPS deployment schedule have been made as a result of the potential time necessary for the court to rule on the pending lawsuit; contributions of the unions during the continuing collaboration process; and the redesign of the proposed NSPS performance evaluation architecture.


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