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Soldiers are making enormous contributions and sacrifices while serving at the forefront of a long struggle of continuous, evolving conflict. Their presence has enabled historic elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is setting the conditions for democratic institutions to take hold. Our Soldiers are also preventing attacks on our Nation and responding to natural disasters at home and abroad, while sustaining the full range of America’s global commitments. At the same time, to be ready for the challenges we face today and tomorrow, we are accelerating our plan to transform and modernize.

We are executing The Army Plan to accomplish our mission and to realize our vision: to remain the preeminent landpower on Earth – the ultimate instrument of national resolve – that is both ready to meet and relevant to the challenges of the dangerous and complex 21st century security environment. Our plan consists of four overarching, interrelated strategies (Figure 1).

This fully integrated plan is driving change at an unprecedented pace. We are becoming a more powerful, more flexible, and more deployable force with a broad set of capabilities to deal with the full spectrum of challenges we will face. Our improvements will enable our Soldiers to sustain the full range of global commitments which extend beyond today’s current theaters of war. We are improving our ability to operate with joint and coalition partners and to perform nontraditional operations. We are also developing better ways to manage increasing demands for forces and relieve stress on Soldiers, their families, and civilian workers to sustain our All-Volunteer force.

Four key ideas underpin our planning:

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To sustain the current mission, posture for future commitments, and maintain risk at acceptable wartime levels, the Army needs:

A complete, detailed list of our Compelling Needs for 2007 is provided in Figure 2.

2007 will be a pivotal year for the Army. We will continue to conduct operations while transforming the force, its global infrastructure, and all of our supporting business processes. The resources provided to the Army in 2007 and beyond will enable the Army to maintain the momentum of key programs, while accelerating aspects of our transformation. Moreover, this funding will determine our ability to continue to accomplish our mission and to be postured to meet future commitments.

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